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Ecotech Africa


Specialist in comprehensive, sustainable environmental solutions, management plans, products and services.

Our Goal

At Ecotech Africa we aim for cost-effective, sustainable, compliant environmental solutions and services for our valued clients. Therefore, as environmental consultants and service providers, it is our aim to rise to the challenges faced by those operating in various industries. Industries such as mining, construction, agriculture, housing development, government, power generation, and consulting engineering to name a few.

One of a Kind

Ecotech Africa is proud to be the only specialist provider of a comprehensive range of turnkey environmental solutions. Moreover, these services can all be found under one proudly South African roof! We supply products and solutions that effectively address requirements for a sustainable environment. Not only that – we operate across the African continent, wherever our service is required.


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Asbestos Services

Management, Removal & Training

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Biological Waste Water Treatment Plant

Stand-alone or Built-In systems

effluent separation systems, water and oil separation, effluent water separation systems, Ecotech Africa

Effluent Separation Systems

Sediment Traps, Storm Water Systems and Gravity Systems

wash bays for trucks, wash bays for busses, wash bay systems, wash bay systems for large machinery, Ecotech Africa

Wash Bay Systems

Busses, Trucks, Machinery, Fleets

waste management service, waste segregation service, waste management plans, waste recycling, Ecotech Africa

Waste Management Systems

Segregation, Recycling, Management, Benefication

water purification systems, water purification and filtration, water sterilization, water disinfection, reverse osmosis, Ecotech Africa

Water Purification & Filtration

Reverse Osmosis, Pre-Treatment, Disinfection


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Spill Kits

Oil, Chemical, Hazardous, General

oil and water separation systems, oil and water separation systems with variable flow rates, oil and water separation capacity, Ecotech Africa

Oil & Water Separation Systems

Design, Segregation& Maintenance Practices

septic tank treatment, cesspool treatment, waste water treatment, industrial degreaser, hydrocarbon treatment, petroleum treatment for waste water, Ecotech Africa

Bacteria & Microbe Technologies

Degreaser, Waste Water Treatment

As an expert in the provision of comprehensive environmental management, solutions and services, Ecotech Africa looks after residential, commercial, and industrial markets across the African continent.

Our Expertise

The people behind Ecotech Africa all come from environmental management fields. We believe that, as the guardians of this planet, it is up to us to enhance the world we live in. Not just for us, but for our customers and future generations. We also understand the legislative requirements our clients need to align with, as well as their practical implementation constraints.

Because our services are conveniently operated from under one roof, you can be sure that all your requirements for each service will be handled with equal integrity and responsibility.


It is our driving goal to always find ways to save our customers time and money. 

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Ecotech Africa recognises the need

Waste Water (Sewage) Treated (Liter)
Wash bay Effluent Water Recycled (Liters)
Asbestos Safely Removed & Disposed (Kilograms)
Injury Free Hours

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What Our Clients Have To Say

This letter serves to confirm that Ecotech Africa is one of our suppliers:
Barloworld Isando build a wash bay to be able to efficiently wash and clean new and used machines. We have appointed Ecotech Africa to complete the work and they completed the project in a very professional manner.

Nico Louw
Service Development Manager
Barloworld Equipment

testimonail Barloworld Equipment

I would like to thank Ecotech Africa for an exceptional service rendered and assure you that whatever project TRL Group May receive that may require such a service, we will not hesitate to call.

testimonail Rorisang Ledingwane

I would just like to thank you for the work performed on our site – your assistance and transparency is hugely appreciated. You guys did an exceptional job, and taking into account the short notice that I gave you, you and your team made all the effort to get the job done as quickly as possible without letting slip on quality.
I would definitely consider you for any similar work in the future, and I will most definitely recommend you to any other business.
Once again, thank you very much for the effort and assistance.

testimonail Ryan Groenewald

Karl and his team are very knowledgeable with respect to their areas of expertise and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that a quality product is delivered timeously to their clients. Ecotech Africa embraced the replacement of an old outdated plant which was not functioning correctly. The team at Ecotech Africa rise to any challenge that they encounter and overcome it successfully to the benefit of the project.
We wish Ecotech Africa every success going forward in their growth to become a major role player within the market

testimonail Robert Murray

So in short, it is clear that their (Ecotech Africa’s) heart and effort is in this estate to provide us with whatever custom requests we have. They have produced on all our requests and qualm all our fears every single time. I therefore suggest that we continue to support them and keep promoting their product, since no one else offers anything close to this quality, any better service.

testimonail Pieter Odendaal

Our Major Clients

Ecotech Africa has worked with a wide range of clients across all industry verticals. Some of our past and current major clients include:

International Partnerships

Ensuring we delivery the best possible services, we've partnered with international brands.

Our Projects

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