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Fully Automatic Wash Bays

Simplistic, yet effective

Fully Automated Wash Bays

Simplistic, yet effective

Fully Automated Wash Bays

Simplistic, yet effective

We do it right!

When it comes to road fleets and mine transport systems, the same requirements operators demand from their vehicles, Ecotech Africa delivers in its fully automatic wash bay systems – simplicity, efficiency, and results!


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Fleet Wash Systems

With the ability to clean over 7 000 trucks per month, our fleet wash systems can be fitted with one- or two-step chemical applications and are able to run using recycled or freshwater.

We effectively remove the need for attendants, are low maintenance, and require no detailing; simply and efficiently ensuring your vehicles are always a great moving advertisement for your business.

Hand washing large equipment can take up to six hours for a 400-ton haul truck. That’s a six-hour period where your mine vehicle is sitting idle and your mine is not producing. We can implement a cleaning package that significantly reduces downtime and ongoing maintenance costs.

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Transit Wash

Even trains and buses need a good clean every now and then, and Ecotech Africa has a solution for even the largest of rail and road vehicles. 

Our partnership with global leader, InterClean, has us well placed to offer an innovative approach to cleaning a variety of rail vehicles, whether they are catenary, third rail, diesel, or hybrid electric. 

Ecotech Africa also boasts numerous solutions for cleaning transit buses. In fact, whether you are looking for touchless or brush wash systems, or a hybrid of both, we have the equipment and experience to assist in the design of the best wash systems for your specific applications. Our InterClean relationship again enables us to bring high pressure front, rear, top and wheels sprays, combined with side brushes that deliver a squeaky clean vehicle – every time. 

Regardless as to whether your fleet rides on road or rail, we offer a wealth of experience and knowledge to the creation of the best solutions to suit your needs.

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Chassis Wash Components

Landfills, mines, quarries, power plants and agricultural facilities all generate dirt and waste and keeping these potentially harmful by-products in check requires a fast, effective tire and chassis wash system. 

Ecotech Africa has produced a system that balances intense cleaning power and reliable and safe water recycling with the convenient and economical removal of accumulated dirt and waste. In essence, vehicles can simply drive through the on-site system when cleaning is needed. 

We offer standard wash pad systems and movable or modular wash bays for under chassis wash requirements. 

Modular Wash Bays

Standard Wash Bays

Industrial Wash Bay Options Available To Mines Now

wash bay systems, mining equipment wash bays, automatic wash bays, Ecotech Africa

Automatic Drive-Through System

For rapid throughput applications

  • Multi-vehicle design which can accommodate multiple fleet vehicle types
  • Wash times less than 5 minutes
  • Simple operation for wash users
  • Up to 100% recycled water usage
  • Pre-wired and Pre-plumbed containerized wash equipment rooms available
manual wash bay system, industrial wash bays, Ecotech Africa

Manual Monitor System

Fire hose packages for standard applications

  • Skid-mounted EQ100 water recycling system
  • High volume adjustable monitors with options for semi-automatic joystick control packages
  • Rigid rubber fire hose and reels with adjustable nozzles and spring rewind
  • Other options available as needed

The combined EQ100 water recycling system and high-pressure pump can feed up to four hoses simultaneously.

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Semi-Automatic System

Joystick-controlled monitors to limit employee involvement

fully automated wash bay systems, robotic wash bays, Ecotech Africa

Full Robotic Monitor System

Completely remove employee involvement

  • Maximize safety, efficiency, and productivity
  • Designed to recognize the vehicle and wash specifically designated areas while avoiding sections of the vehicle that cannot withstand a direct blast from the water cannons
  • Programmable to accommodate multiple vehicle types and sizes
  • Can be installed in hazardous locations such as underground mines and underneath the vehicle

Now that you have chosen a system suitable for your industry and heavy-duty machinery, think about incorporating it with an effluent separation system for recycled water. Decrease expenses by reusing recycled water from the wash bay.

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Partnered with InterClean & Tammermatic
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