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OILVAC Products

OILVAC is a range of oil and chemical absorbent products that offer rapid absorption & remediation of environment spills from hydrocarbon and chemicals, both on water and land. It is a field-proven industrial absorbent that is an economical, fast-acting solution to an environmental problem that could otherwise take years to resolve.


The Ecotech Africa Range consists of a choice of five different types of organic fibre absorbents, used for the absorption of hazardous environmental spill with the added advantage of bioremediation of contaminated soil.

How does OILVAC Work?

Ecotech Africa Absorbents comprises of a matrix of capillaries exposing a large surface area to the hydrocarbon or chemical spill.

The high surface tension within these capillaries enables the organic fibre within the product range to hold between 5 to 14 times its own weights in liquids. This gives it the ability to absorb spills which have occurred over vast areas on land and water application.

It will not leach or discharge absorbed pollutants, making it clean and easy to handle. The Ecotech Africa range of products’ high vapour suppression capacity reduces combustion vapours, eliminating the chance of explosion.

The entire Ecotech Africa product range is non-abrasive, non-toxic, non-leaching, non-carcinogenic, and in its natural state is already biodegraded. It can also be used by anybody – it requires minimal protective clothing or specialised training technicians to handle and dispose of the product.


Product Range
OilVac Gold Absorbtion

OILVAC Platinum – Peat Moss is manufactured from 100% Natural Premium Sphagnum Peat Moss (Van Post Grade H1-H3) that is activated by a proprietary air-dried and heat-treated process.

OilVac Platinum Absorbtion

OILVAC – Gold is manufactured from 100% Coco Peat (Cocos Nucifera Peat), a cellulose organic fibre.

OilVac Silver Absorbtion

OILVAC – Silver is made from a proprietary blend of Coco Peat (Cocos Nucifera Peat), which is a cellulose organic fibre, plus two species of pine bark: Pinus Elliottii and Pinus Patula. Added to this are multiple strains of favourable aerobic and anaerobic microbes.

OilVac Bronze Absorbtion

OILVAC – Bronze is made from a proprietary blend of Coco Peat (Cocos Nucifera Peat) which is a cellulose organic fibre, plus two species of pine bark: Pinus Elliottii and Pinus Patula.

Hydrocarbon Spill Kits (Oil & Fuel)

Oil & Fuel Spill Kits consist of a collection of items to be used in case of a spill, leak or other discharge of petroleum based liquids on hard surfaces.

Spill kits are developed for prompt response and easy clean-up of accidental hazardous spills. Available in a Wheelie Bin or Portable PVC Carry Bags, with absorbency from 20L to 220L.
(Higher absorbency spill kits available on request)

Oil & Fuel Spill Kit Wheelie Bin


40L Hydrocarbon Carry Bag Spill Kit


100L & 50L Oil Absorbent Scatter


Oil Absorbent Pads
Oil Polypropylene Absorbent Booms, Socks & Pillows

Chemical Spill Kits

The chemical spill management range is available as booms, socks, pillows, absorbent pads or absorbent scatter.

You can buy these kits in the form of wheelie bins and carry bags. The active ingredient in the chemical spill management range is polypropylene.

Chemical Spill Kit Wheelie Bin


Chemical Carry Bag Spill Kit


Chemical Absorbent Scatter


Chemical Absorbent Pads
Chemical Particulate Absorbent Booms, Socks & Pillows
Sump & Track Mat


Ecotech Africa offers a wide verity of Spill Bins.
Marine Spill Kits
General Waste
Hazardous Waste
Universal Spill Kit


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