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Asbestos Removal Anglo

Snackworks 2 asbestos removal

Snackworks Line 3 Asbestos Removal

Working in a food industry is always a difficult task especially so where production is still underway. Every precaution had to be taken to ensure that no contaminants could leave the area that the demolition crew were working in. Specialized access had to be constructed to reach the high ceiling. The project was completed in record time, as a non-operating production line is a loss to a client and Ecotech…

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SA Army College Asbestos Removal

The scope of work entailed the removal of 2 286m2 of asbestos roof sheeting. The biggest factor the asbestos crew had to contend with was the large span of the roof with no support under the sheeting, spans of up to 7 meters were encountered which was quite an obstacle to overcome. The large spans and weight of the sheets required Ecotech Africa to bring in a mini crane to safely…

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